Bouba Ndjida Safari

Bouba Ndjida Safari

Trip: Bouba Ndjida National Park
Domestic transportation: either train or flight
Duration: 6 days
Departures: Dec – May

Sample itinerary via train

Day 1:  We take the colonial train, built by the Germans and French, overnight from Yaoundé to N’gaoundéré. We will have a sleeping compartment, which has comfortable beds. The train ride offers a lot of interesting impressions through its stops in little train stations and through the fast changing landscape coming from the lush south to the dryer north.

Day 2:  In N’gaoundéré a private car awaits us to go to Bouba Ndjida National Park, established in 1968. There, you enjoy African cooked meals prepared by the park organization and sleep in the lovely park accommodation (small brick-houses with AC).

Day 3:  After a very early breakfast, we go on a morning and afternoon safari at Bouba Ndjida National Park, which holds giraffes , lions, giant eland, topi antelopes , sable antelops, panthers, buffalo, hartebeest, bushbuck, water buck, baboons, gazelles, patas monkeys, vervet monkeys, common duiker, various antelopes and more. Between the safaris, we will have lunch and a few hours to relax in the shade.

Day 4:  After a very early breakfast, we go on a morning and afternoon safari at Bouba Ndjida National Park. We stay at the lovely Bouba Park accomodation.

Day 5:  After breakfast, we will drive back to N’gaoundéré where we arrive in the afternoon. Then, we will take the overnight train back to Yaoundé .

Day 6:  We will arrive in Yaoundé in the morning.

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