Getting there & back 

All flights to Cameroon go via Brussels, Paris or Zurich, which makes it possible to get to Cameroon via 2 flights from any major US airport, arriving the next day. Flights arrive late afternoon or early evening in Cameroon. When you go home again your flight will depart Cameroon in the evening again.  

You will have the shortest trip duration if you leave the US on a Wednesday or Saturday in order to arrive in Yaounde on Thursday or Sunday.  


Travel & safety conditions 

Cameroon is an exotic travel destination, which has long been explored by French and other European tourists. Cameroon Safari LLC offers itineraries with local travel guides, which accompany your group 100% of the time to ensure your adventure is safe and enjoyable.

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The mean temperature ranges from 72° to 84° F. In the North, where our tours will mainly take you, the dry season starts in Nov/Dec and goes until May with slight variations on location.

 Yaounde (south)

 Maroua (north)


Visa information 

In the US, it is recommended to prepare for your VISA 6 weeks before your trip.
Go to to review requirements and to apply.



You are required to have a Yellow Fever vaccination in order to get your travel VISA. More information on all recommended vaccinations can be retrieved at the federal CDC website.

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